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  • Overview +

    The CTXSTM Plus X-ray inspection system is the first X-ray system for PCR and TBR tires with multi-axis robot tire handling. Tires are X-rayed vertically to limit deformation, and the images are displayed on the monitor. The CTXSTM Plus is available with Coll-Tech Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) software, allowing the operator to set warning limits to detect abnormalities in any area and any direction of the tire.

  • Key Process and Technical Advantages +

    • First X-ray system in the market with multi-axis robot tire handling.
      • Improved tire handling.
      • Increased reliability, flexibility, and maintainability.
    • Highly integrated with Coll-Tech Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) software.
      • Fully autonomous operation. No operator required.
      • Employs both AI/Deep Learning as well as classical algorithms for best performance (Alpha/Beta).
    • ADR software checks for generic and high-risk defect types.
    • Precise tire rotation resulting in excellent X-ray image accuracy.
    • Vertical positioning limiting deformation of tires.
    • Universal tooling capable of handling tires with bead diameters of 13” to 30”.
    • Compact design for minimum space requirements. This system will also fit in a standard 40’ container allowing for easy transport logistics.
    • Lowest total life cycle cost. This system is designed with the concept of minimal maintenance and quick start-up time.
  • Machine Features +

  • X-Ray Tube +

    • Omni Directional Tube
    • Max. 100 KV (3.0mA)
    • Max. 6mA
    • Radiation Angle 6˚ x 280˚
  • CTXS Plus Layout +

  • Brochure +