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    The Micro-Poise® Modular Tire Measurement System FX (MTMS FX) is a system configuration which combines proven Micro-Poise® systems and stations into a single process to most efficiently provide the following tire test results and functions for passenger and light truck tires:     

    • Force Variation as measured by ASTEC® FX
    • Dynamic Imbalance as measured by AkroDYNE® FX
    • Tire Geometry as measured by TGIS®-FS
    • Tire Grade Classification for uniformity, balance, geometry and their combination
    • Tire Marking with multi-colors and multi-shapes, using the Micro-Poise® Mark Orient Station and AkroMARK™ Plus hot stamp marker modules
    • Tire Sort Classification based on combined tire grade

    In its most efficient configuration, the total MTMS FX system cycle time is the fastest in the industry.  In addition, each individual measurement system ensures the best measurement precision and accuracy.

    The MTMS FX minimizes tire testing cycle time and provides the best measurement results with no compromise in precision and accuracy.  With the MTMS FX system, floor space is efficiently utilized and downtime is minimized.

  • Options of MTMS FX include +

    Since the system is modular, various configurations are available depending on customer-specific requirements.  Additional details and features of the test stations and modules comprising the MTMS FX can be found in their respective stand-alone machine product descriptions.

    Below is an example of the most efficient configuration of the MTMS FX

     1. Handling/Luber Station

     2. Barcode Reader System

     3. ASTEC® FX

     4. ASTEC® FX Automatic Rim Changer (ARC)

     5. Center and/or Shoulder Grinders

     6. AkroDYNE® FX

     7. AkroDYNE® FX Automatic Rim Changer (ARC)

     8. TGIS®-FS Geometry Measurement 

     9. Marker

    10. Elevator Sorter Station

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