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Integrated Tire Measurement System (ITMS)

Integrated Tire Measurement System
  • Overview +

    In its most efficient configuration, the total ITMS system optimizes throughput and cycle time. In addition, each measurement system ensures the best measurement repeatability and accuracy. With the ITMS system, floor space is efficiently utilized, and downtime is minimized.

    Key Features and Benefits:
    • Force Variation as measured by ASTEC® FX
    • Dynamic Imbalance as measured by AkroDYNE® FX
    • Tire Geometry as measured by TGIS®-FS
    • Handler with RoboLUBE application for better control of lubrication process and more flexibility adapting to new tire designs
    • Coordinated motion of servo-controlled elevator
    • Compact footprint
    • Automatic Rim Change (ARC)
    • Single PLC and electrical panel
    • Energy consumption analysis
    • Tire grade and sort classification for uniformity, balance, geometry and their combination
    • Tire marking with multi-colors and multi-shapes, using the Micro-Poise® Mark Orient station and AkroMARK™ Plus hot stamp markers

  • Options of ITMS include +

    1. Handler with RoboLUBE and Barcode Reader

    2. ASTEC® FX with Optional Center and/or Shoulder Grinders

    3. Optional ASTEC® FX Automatic Rim Change (ARC)

    4. AkroDYNE® FX Mini-Centering Station

    5. AkroDYNE® FX with Optional TGIS®-FS Geometry System

    6. Optional AkroDYNE® FX Automatic Rim Change (ARC)

    7. Mark Orient Station with Upper and Lower AkroMARKTM Plus Hot Stamp Markers

    8. Elevator Sorter Station


  • ITMS General Layout +

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