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    The AkroDYNE® FXT Tire Dynamic Balance System is a complete system for measuring grading, marking and sorting tires according to static, couple, and upper and lower plane imbalance for Truck and Bus radial tires.  As with all Micro-Poise dynamic balancers, the AkroDYNE® FXT utilizes a “force measuring” imbalance-sensing system in conjunction with computer based software.  The force measuring system accurately measures the imbalance in a wide variety of tires, regardless of their weight.

    The AkroDYNE® FXT is a fully automatic machine used for 100% tire checking in production.  It can automatically adjust to different tire widths and test conditions while processing a variety of tires with various bead diameters (adapter dependent), outside diameters, section widths, and weights.

    New features make the AkroDYNE® FXT a high up-time, high-throughput and ergonomically friendly machine.

    • Modern Operator Screens with easy navigation tools, including modular graphics, and icons
      • On-screen diagnostic, troubleshooting tools, and documentation.  PLC Status Screens help operators and maintenance technicians to insure continuous operation. 
      • Maintenance navigation screens, make it easy to do machine setup and repair.
    • The best Measurement Repeatability of any machine in the industry.  This means there is little machine error in the measurement – so more tires pass grade limits, and factory yields are higher.
    • The best Cycle Time in the industry
    • Optional integration for Barcode reading and angular referencing to barcode is offered and traced to measurement results.

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