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Innovative solutions put us on the leading edge of final finish tire testing technology. ASTEC® for tire uniformity, AkroDYNE® for dynamic balance and TGIS® for geometry measurement lead the tire industry in accuracy and cycle time.  

Because of strong technical specifications, innovative solutions, and global aftermarket support the World is turning to Micro-Poise® for final tire testing technology.

  • Integrated Tire Measurement System (ITMS)
    Modular Systems

    The Micro-Poise® Integrated Tire Measurement System (ITMS) is a system that encompasses proven Micro-Poise® machines into a compact footprint to measure dynamic balance, geometry, and uniformity, providing tire test results for passenger and light truck tires.

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  • Uniformity

    Micro-Poise tire uniformity machines measure force variation, runout, and sidewall appearance. Without properly checking these forces, the integrity of your tire and ride quality and is dramatically affected. These forces can cause a vehicle to bounce, vibrate, and not steer properly. Micro-Poise’s innovative designs have helped the tire industry solve these uniformity problems. Please browse our tire uniformity machines below to find an innovative solution to your tire uniformity needs.

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  • AkroScan
    Dynamic Balance

    Micro-Poise’s tire dynamic balance machines measure tires according to static, couple, and upper and lower plane imbalance. If not properly checked, these forces can cause a vehicle to bounce, have tire wobble, and not steer properly. Micro-Poise’s innovative designs have helped the tire industry solve these balance problems. Please browse our dynamic balance machines to help find an innovative solution to your tire balancing needs.

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    Geometry Systems

    Micro-Poise’s geometry measurement systems allow for a complete analysis of the tire sidewall and tire tread width areas. These measurements ensure that the tire will not have any defects that were not able to be detected by the uniformity and dynamic balance machines.

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  • Marker

    Micro-Poise Measurement Systems is capable of producing a variety of marks associated with final finish testing for a variety of tires ranging from low profile passenger tires to medium truck tires. Tire marking is used to identify tire testing results for uniformity, dynamic balance, x-ray system and other final finish tests. Marks may be used to identify tire grade, high or low points of radial force variation, or other specific measurements

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  • CTXS Plus

    X-ray inspection system is the first X-ray system for PCR and TBR tires with multi-axis robot tire handling and Coll-Tech Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) software allowing the operator to set warning limits to detect.

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  • Legacy Machines

    The machines listed on this page are no longer manufactured as new equipment. Micro-Poise is committed to helping customers maximize their investment by protecting our customers from product obsolescence. We guide customers to accomplish these goals by indicating our product's current life cycle stage and creating upgrades compatible with existing equipment. To learn more about your equipment's product life cycle status, click here.

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