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Company History

Micro-Poise has been providing the tire and auto industries quality test equipment for 100 years.

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  • Ashistory
    History of Akron Standard®

    Akron’s world-famous tire industry was nurtured by small companies that, like Akron Standard, contributed to the sweet smell of rubber that permeated the Akron air throughout the 20th century – as much a part of the city as the Cuyahoga River and wet winters.

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  • MP History
    History of Micro-Poise®

    Micro-Poise began in 1928 as a family-owned manufacturer of weighing and measurement equipment based in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Located in the middle of the booming Detroit automotive industry, the company was asked to develop balancing machines that could help solve the industry’s vibration problems associated with rotating components. Soon, the company had developed equipment to balance automotive parts including tire & wheel assemblies and many other automotive components. During the rapid growth of the North America automobile industry in the 1960’s, Micro-Poise continued to develop high speed balancing systems for the automobile assembly plants. These systems are still used today by the global automobile manufacturers and just-in-time suppliers.

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  • GEO History
    History of Geometry Systems

    Micro-Poise formed the Geometry Systems Division in July 2004 after the announcement that Micro-Poise had acquired two new products for use in the Tire Industry. The Tire Geometry Inspection System (TGIS) - Sheet of Light (SL) and Fixed Point (FP) laser measurement systems are two technologies, using laser triangulation, to inspect tires for sidewall bulge and depressions including tire lateral and radial runout. These products were originally developed in the early 2000s by Bytewise Measurement Systems of Columbus, Georgia.

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  • X-Ray

    COLLMANN manufactures a large program of tire service machines, mounting machines, buffing and building machines for tire retreading as well as measuring machines, grinding machines and X-Ray machines for the quality control of new tires.

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