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DD 9A7951-2
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    The Micro-Poise ® AkroDYNE® FX Tire Dynamic Balance System is a complete system for measuring, grading, marking and sorting tires according to static, couple, and upper and lower plane imbalance.  AkroDYNE® FX dynamic balancers utilize a “force measuring” imbalance-sensing system in conjunction with computer based software.  The force measuring system accurately measures the imbalance in a wide variety of tires.  The AkroDYNE® FX test procedures and capabilities follow tire and automotive industry practices for tire balance testing while offering enhanced machine performance and measurement analysis.

    The AkroDYNE® FX is a fully automatic machine used for 100% tire checking in production.  It can automatically adjust to different tire widths and test conditions while processing a variety of tires with various bead diameters (adapter dependent), outside diameters, section widths, and weights.

    The exit drop conveyor drops down for easy access to the testing station as well as any markers. AkroDYNE® FX comes with protective guarding and access doors around the machine.  Access doors are interlocked for safety.  This allows safe and easy access to the entire machine.

    New features make the AkroDYNE® FX a high up-time, high-throughput and ergonomically friendly machine:

    • Modern Operator Screens with easy navigation tools, including modular graphics, and icons:
      • On-screen diagnostic, troubleshooting tools, and documentation.  PLC Status Screens help operators and maintenance technicians to insure continuous operation. 
      • Maintenance navigation screens, make it easy to do machine setup and repair.
    • The best Measurement Repeatability of any machine in the industry.  This means there is little machine error in the measurement – so more tires pass grade limits, and factory yields are higher.
    • The best Cycle Time in the industry.
    • Optional integration for Barcode reading and angular referencing to barcode is offered and traced to measurement results.
    • AkroDYNE® FX ARC (Automatic Rim Changer)

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