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COLLMANN was founded in Germany in 1936.

Company Timeline

  • 1938 start manufacturing in series of the first buffing machine
  • 1942 building of tire stitcher, model "Standard"
  • 1946 development of tire mounting machine, 6-claw system
  • 1951 manufacturing in series of tire mounting machine, 2-claw system
  • 1956 manufacturing in series of buffing machine "RM56" for several tire sizes
  • 1962 start manufacturing in series of various tire mounting machines, 4-claw system
  • 1982 manufacturing of the first fully automatic bulge tester for car tires
  • 1986 COLLMANN became a member of the J. P. Sauer & Sohn group of companies
  • 1989 manufacturing of the first tire X-Ray machine with two X-Ray systems (twin arrangement)
  • 1994 purchase of the company Spezialmaschinenbau Steffel (SMS)
  • 1997 delivery of the 8000th power wheel nut spanner
  • 1997 development of a tire X-Ray machine with digital image analysis
  • 2003 ISO 9001 – 2000 certification
  • 2009 delivery of the newly designed X-Ray system VerTiX
  • 2010 COLLMANN became a member of the MicroPoise Measurement Systems

During this period also other developments were made such as inspection machines, spreading units, tube testing devices and further accessories.  COLLMANN manufactures a large program of tire service machines, mounting machines, buffing and building machines for tire retreading as well as measuring machines, grinding machines and X-Ray machines for the quality control of new tires.