The Micro-Poise® Micro-Tech Controller is a Machine Controller developed by Micro-Poise®, which can be used across all Micro-Poise® Platforms.

Micro-Tech specifications is a high-performance solution providing the most efficient data processing for your machines.

  • Solid State drives – no moving parts
  • Windows based industrial hardened machine controller
  • Free standing or panel mount available
  • TGIS-SL® Option integrates the ASTEC®- FX or AkroDYNE®- FX machine controller into a single integrated machine controller
  • Available with AC or DC power supplies

Micro-Tech Controller performs the following functions:

  • Calculates dynamic imbalance, uniformity or geometry data
  • Provides fault indicators
  • Provides counters
  • Controls orientation
  • Provides diagnostics and help screens
  • Store data