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  • Micro-Poise Measurement Systems +

    Micro-Poise is part of the Process Instruments Group.

    Uniformity and dynamic balancer testing systems for tire and tire & wheel assemblies, tire geometry inspection systems, tire x-ray machines with automatic defect recognition, driveshaft and crankshaft balancers for automotive assemblies, and custom driveshafts.  Markets include all final finish test and measurement solutions for tire manufactures, tire & wheel assembly solutions and drivetrain balancing solutions for automotive manufacturers.

    Micro-Poise is headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, USA with sales and service offices in Europe, Asia, and India.  Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, is a business unit of AMETEK, Inc (AME).


  • AMETEK +

    AMETEK is a global leader in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with colleagues at numerous manufacturing, sales and service locations in the U.S. and in many other countries around the world.

    AMETEK consists of two operating groups: Electronic Instruments and Electromechanical.

    Electronic Instruments is a leader in advanced instruments for the process, aerospace, power and industrial markets.

    Electromechanical is a differentiated supplier of electrical interconnects, specialty metals, and technical motors and associated systems, as well as a leader in floor care and specilaty motors.

    Visit the AMETEK, Inc. website at www.ametek.com/about/index.aspx.

  • Mission and Vision Statement +

    Micro-Poise Measurement Systems has provided a complete line of high performance production and laboratory equipment used by manufactures throughout the world to meet their test, measurement and inspection requirements.

    Our high precision test, measurement, and x-ray inspection systems allow customers in the Tire, Wheel, and Automotive industries to assess and correct the balance, uniformity and geometry of tires, wheels, tire & wheels assemblies, power train components, and other products.  For unique customer applications, Micro-Poise is always ready to listen.

    Our Mission is to build and sustain a strong relationship with our global customers.  This liaison is based on shared goals and trust earned as a long-term and valued partner. We have a strong history of developing products and services that continually meet our customers’ requirements for process, measurement, and quality optimization.

    Our pursuit is constantly fueled by being fully committed to our core values.  These values include customer-centric focus, being on the leading edge of technical and applications knowledge, measurement integrity, innovation and continuous improvement, ongoing investment in our people with social and environmental responsibility throughout the world.

    Our Vision and goal is optimum value, on-time delivery, order completeness, and zero-defects.  Lean Manufacturing methodology is applied to enable us to achieve these goals.

    We provide exceptional craftsmanship with every machine we build.  By designing and manufacturing a quality product, we will always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

  • A Safety Message +

    At AMETEK Micro-Poise, we believe one of the best ways for the company to show its people their values is to provide a safe environment in which to work.  Micro-Poise has recognized the obligation for our operations worldwide to be in compliance with the occupational safety and health laws and regulations.  The primary motivation in promoting safety is that we do not want anyone to suffer injury or illness.

    Micro-Poise is guided by the following safety principles: First, we will manage safety as our number one priority.  Second, we believe all people have an equal voice in identifying and correcting hazards.  Third, we are committed to continued involvement by all of our people in taking responsibility for safety performance, without relinquishing management’s commitment.

    Micro-Poise will systematically evaluate the safety and health performance of its companies.  We encourage everyone to participate in this endeavor to improve our workplaces.  Safety must be an integral part of all operations, such that the elimination of accidents will become not just an objective, but a way of life.

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