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History of Micro-Poise®


Micro-Poise began in 1928 as a family-owned manufacturer of weighing and measurement equipment based in downtown Detroit, Michigan.  Located in the middle of the booming Detroit automotive industry, the company was asked to develop balancing machines that could help solve the industry’s vibration problems associated with rotating components.  Soon, the company had developed equipment to balance automotive parts including tire & wheel assemblies and many other automotive components.  During the rapid growth of the North America automobile industry in the 1960’s, Micro-Poise continued to develop high speed balancing systems for the automobile assembly plants.  These systems are still used today by the global automobile manufacturers and just-in-time suppliers.

Building on the success of the automotive balancing equipment, a line of balancing machines for tire imbalance measurement was also developed to furnish to the tire makers that were predominantly located in the Akron, Ohio area.  When those tire manufacturers began establishing global manufacturing plants in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Micro-Poise also expanded their operations and reputation worldwide by installing many successful tire balancing systems for their expanding tire making customers across the globe.

Micro-Poise’s growth and expertise in the component balancing field continued as new equipment was developed for various applications, and during this growth period the company moved to several larger manufacturing and sales & service locations in the Detroit area.

In 1971, Micro-Poise was purchased by Ransburg Corporation, located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Started in 1946 by Harold Ransburg, the company had grown from the original electrostatic painting technology company to a $260 million a year group of factory automation equipment builders by the end of the 1980s. When Micro-Poise’s balancing experience was added to Ransburg, it joined ten other operating units that were leaders in many areas of expertise including assembly, static control and advanced finishing (powder-coat and paint) operations. Micro-Poise’s ability to implement basic new technology to simply and successfully achieve superior measurement systems fit well into Ransburg’s vision of leading factory automation companies.

Although Micro-Poise, still based in Wixom, Michigan, had developed a strong leadership position in the automotive and tire industries, in 1975 the company was relocated to Indianapolis to take advantage of joint-development efforts and shared facilities with the Ransburg Finishing groups.

The move to Ransburg also signaled expanded international operations for Micro-Poise in both the automotive and tire industries. As would be expected in a dynamic, factory-automation and new-technology focused environment, several new and innovative products were successfully launched during the Ransburg days for a variety of balancing applications.

With a strong product base, deeply experienced engineering and field service talent, loyal customers, and a stable and profitable history, Micro-Poise was a very attractive addition to the ITW (Illinois Tool Works) group of companies in 1988.  Micro-Poise served as the initial nucleus for the ITW Quality Measurement Systems group, with other leading measurement system companies soon joining the ITW group of companies.

Almost immediately following ITW’s purchase of Ransburg, many ITW philosophies were implemented at Micro-Poise to ultimately help provide customer with lower costs, quicker deliveries, and simpler, more standardized equipment. With the collaboration between Micro-Poise (balancing equipment) and its sister company Akron Standard (uniformity measurement equipment), it was a natural to combine these companies in 1997 to form, ITW Ride Quality Products. This combination provided even more efficiencies and standardization between these two quality processes for the benefit of their shared automotive assembly and tire building customer base.

In 2007 the company changed its name to Micro-Poise Measurement Systems LLC, and has recently relocated to Streetsboro, Ohio.

Micro-Poise Measurement Systems LLC has continued to develop and introduce innovative and world-renowned equipment to promote improved vehicle ride quality.  The company is very proud to continue the impressive traditions of the Micro-Poise and Akron Standard product lines.