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X - Ray

  • Coll-Tech X-ray Inspection Machines +

    The Coll-Tech brand offers a complete line of fully automatic X-Ray systems for passenger, truck and bus tires from 12-30 inch plus SuperSingle truck tires 495/45 R 22.5 and for heavy duty tires up to 7000 kg weight and 63 inches.

  • Collmann Advantages +

    • Laboratory and tire-development systems
    • Fully integrated machinery with cycle times down to 22 seconds/tire for highest throughput
    • Automatic tire identification by barcode or combined measuring/centering station for mixed-feed use
    • Proven and reliable combined with low maintenance and high in-service time
    • Crisp and crystal clear tire images from bead to bead
    • Adoptable software tools for automatic tire defect recognition - COLL-TECH X-Ray ADR 
    • Unique tire range from 13-30 inch and up to 160kg - VerTiX-PLUS