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The world’s tire and automotive industries are turning to

Engineers are turning to Micro-Poise to meet throughput objectives. Operators are turning to Micro-Poise for reliability and ease of maintenance. Purchasing agents are turning to Micro-Poise for long-term savings.

The World is Turning to Micro-Poise.



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Innovative Solutions for the Tire and Automotive Industries
Tire Uniformity Dynamic Balance Tire Geometry Systems 

Uniformity - ASTEC® PLUS, FD90

Dynamic Balance - AkroDYNE®, AITVTW

Geometry Systems - TGIS-SL®, TGIS FPL


The World Is Turning To Micro-Poise®
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About Us

For more than 90 years, Micro-Poise Measurement Systems has offered a complete line of equipment used by tire and tire & wheel assembly manufacturers to meet their testing requirements. Our equipment allows customers in the Tire, Automotive and Wheel industries to assess and correct the tire balance, tire uniformity and geometry of tires, wheels and tire & wheel assembly products.

Micro-Poise  is headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio, USA with sales and service offices in Europe, Asia, and India. Micro-Poise Measurement Systems is owned by AMETEK, Inc (AME).

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