Collmann Type 2833 X-Ray Inspection Machine - 13 inch to 27 inch Bead Diameter

Fully automatic for PCR and Light-Truck Tires 13-27 inch bead diameter

  • Mixed-feed operation mode with tire sizes from 13 inch to 27 inch
  • Fully automatic tire identification with inlet measuring station.
  • New high resolution C-Shape detectornew visualisation software CTIS
  • Image display on one screen from bead to bead
  • Compact lead-shielded X-Ray cabin
  • Air-conditioned operators workplace 

Tire dimensions

Outer diametermax. 1070 mm
Section width100-500 mm
Bead diameter13-27 inch
Bead distance (non spread)min. 45 mm
Inner bead spread distance60-500 mm
Tire weightmax. 50 kg

Cycle Time

  • Less than 25 seconds (loading, inspection, view, unloading)

Machine options

  • Inlet conveyor with tire centering device
  • Tire identification by bar-code or tire measuring station (i.d., o.d., width, optional: weigth)
  • Outlet conveyor
  • Tire marking device, hot foil or label
  • Well-appointed, functionally furnished operator room with noise absorbing cabin walls; optionally air conditioned
  • Others on request 

Machine dimensions

Heightapp. 3300 mm
Widthapp. 1900 mm
Depth app. 3460 mm