X-Ray Software for Automatic Defect Detection

A human being is a source of failure, fatal flaws in a tire can be overlooked because of fluctuating mood, slow judgement, or many other factors.

The COLL-TECH X-RAY ADR Software automatically detects the following:

  • Defects on all tires and all areas
  • Designed for all tire X-Ray machines
  • Detection of kinked bead (bead disorder), off-center breaker, body ply arrangement (open or touched wires) and foreign objects
  • Measuring of actual values on screen
  • Warning limits with settable error tolerances

Advantages of the COLL-TECH X-RAY system:

  • No tire teaching and no master tire is required to run the ADR
  • Enhanced overall reliability
  • Quality assurance for the tire industry
  • Cost reduction through shorter tire product cycle
  • Cost reduction through less man power
  • Enhanced and constant failure judgment

View the COLL-TECH X-RAY System Brochure