Automatic Rim Change (ARC)

The Automatic Rim Change (ARC) Option is a fully automated stand alone rim change device designed exclusively for use with the ASTEC® PLUS. The ARC operates hands free and permits rim tooling assemblies to be changed without any physical intervention. Once the initial setup and the rim tooling is loaded onto the rim storage system, the rim change function is operational and runs in a fully automatic mode.

Click here to view the brochure for the (ARC) Automatic Rim Changer.

Click here to view the brochure for the (ARC) Automatic Rim Changer (Mandarin).

The ARC operation can be describes as follows:

  • When a tire enters the handler/luber station, the code for the tire is processed by the ASTEC PLUS.
  • If it is determined a tooling change is required, the machine will begin tooling change mode.
  • The ASTEC PLUS will orient the spindle for the tooling change. A tooling arm will pick up the existing tooling by unlocking them from their spindle housing.
  • The tooling arm uses the transfer lift to move the removed tooling to the rim storage tray. The arm will pick up a new set of tooling and transfer it onto the test station where it locks into place onto the spindle housing.
  • The machine re-sets itself back to normal operating mode and begins testing tires.


Automatic Rim Change (ARC) available for: ASTEC® PLUS Uniformity Machine.