TGIS-SL® (Tire Geometry Inspection System with Sheet of Light)


The TGIS-SL® is a Micro-Poise geometry system that allows operators a complete sidewall inspection in one revolution. This allows the operator to inspect for any anomalies in the tires and tire & wheel assemblies, such as bulges or depressions that would compromise the integrity of a tire. With the scanning ability to view sidewalls with excessive lettering and designs more accurately and to send that information faster and further with the availability of Ethernet connection, the TGIS-SL® is a complete geometry inspection system that complements a multitude of Micro-Poise uniformity and dynamic balance machines.

The TGIS-SL® has the largest measurement area and field view, fastest scanning, and highest resolution of any similar sensor on the market, using AkroSCAN™ technology. Only one revolution is required to accurately scan a tire for imperfections. The TGIS-SL® maximizes throughput of inspected tires.

TGIS-SL® currently has the capability to fit these passenger and light truck testing machines:

For Truck and Bus tire manufacturers, the TGIS-SLT™ (Tire Geometry Inspection System with Sheet of Light for Truck) has the capability to fit these Truck/Bus Tire testing machines:

The TGIS-SL® provides:

  • Complete Sidewall Inspection in one revolution
  • Proven reliable mechanical components
  • Precise positioning and control of the high-resolution, laser-triangulation sensors
  • Largest sensor standoff from the tire surface
  • Repeatable, four axis positioning featuring integrated motor/controller packages
  • Collision avoidance sensors
  • Multi-axis breakaway sensor mounts
  • Reduced amount of electronics and integrated cable management
  • Air purged sensors to keep debris off lenses
  • Most narrow profile for retrofitting to existing machinery
  • Multi track measurement without adding cycle time
  • Displays measurements in a powerful, color-mapped image and results table
  • Rejected tires can be analyzed off-line
  • Associates data with individual tire IDs
  • Uses “exception region” technology to inspect through sidewall letter and ornamentation
  • All axes are fully automatic and programmable by tire code
  • Probes are mounted on safety two-axis breakaways

Many Upgrades are available for TGIS-SL.

Click Here to see the TGIS-SL® Brochure

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