Modular Tire Measurement Systems (MTMS)

MTMS combines tire uniformity, dynamic balance measurement and tire geometry inspection into a single process for passenger and light truck tires. In its most efficient configuration, the total system cycle time is the fastest in the industry. In addition, each individual measurement station insures the best measurement with no compromise in precision and accuracy.

The main components of the MTMS design include:

  • Handler and Luber with centering device
  • ASTEC® PLUS Tire Evaluation Center
  • Drop Conveyor to Handler and Centering device for dynamic balance machine
  • AkroDYNE® Dynamic Balancing System with optional TGIS-SL®
  • Exit station with optional AkroMARK™ Hot Stamp Marker
  • Optional tire sorter to complete the testing operations

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Systems Integration

We are committed to an on-time delivery and successful start-up of every integrated solution that we provide. A project manager is assigned to all integrated solutions and professionally manages all aspects of our customer’s solution. Our engineers use proven pre-engineered solutions to integrate all components together for a comprehensive solution. Our system integration professionals work with specific procedures and approval processes to insure that your equipment has been fully tested and verified before shipment approval.

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ASTEC® PLUS Tire Evaluation Center  

The ASTEC® PLUS is the latest edition to the family of uniformity measurement systems created and manufactured by Micro-Poise. The ASTEC® PLUS measures force variations, runout, and sidewall appearance. This is the first measurement machine that the tire encounters as it enters the MTMS module. 

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ASTEC-Plus Uniformity Machine

Options for the ASTEC® PLUS include:  

  • TGIS-SL®
  • Tread/Sidewall Probe System
  • Upper and Lower Hot Stamp Markers
  • Center Grinder
  • Shoulder Grinder
  • Loadwheel Cleaner
  • Calibration Kits
  • ASTEC® PLUS Automatic Rim Changer (ARC)

AkroDYNE® Dynamic Balancing System

The AkroDYNE® Dynamic Balance System is the second and last measurement machine the tire encounters while in the MTMS module. This machine helps assure tire quality by measuring and grading tries according to static, couple, and upper and lower plane imbalances in a wide variety of tires introduced into the machine. The AkroDYNE® features the fastest cycle time of any commercially available dynamic balance system.

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Options for the AkroDYNE® include:

  • TGIS-SL®
  • Upper and Lower Hot Stamp Markers
  • Calibration Kits
  • AkroDYNE® Automatic Rim Changer (ARC)