Model AIT

Micro-Poise AIT Dynamic Balance Machine

The Micro-Poise® AIT Dynamic Tire Balance System is designed to help assure tire quality. This is done by measuring, grading, marking, and sorting tires according to static, couple, and upper and lower plane imbalance. All Micro-Poise® dynamic balancers utilize a "force measuring" imbalance-sensing system in conjunction with microprocessor based electronics. There are several advantages to this system. The force measuring system accurately measures the imbalance in a wide variety of tires, regardless of their weight. The primarily digital electronics are very stable and allow the machine to be calibrated for all production tires. The AIT Dynamic Tire Balance System is a fully automatic machine used for 100% tire checking in production. It can automatically adjust to different tire widths and test conditions while processing a variety of tires with various bead diameters (adapter dependent), outside diameters, section widths, and weights. These features make the Model AIT Dynamic Tire Balance System a high up-time, high-throughput and ergonomically friendly machine.