Micro-Poise introduces new Modular Instrumentation

February 14, 2012

A result of more than five years in design and development, Micro-Poise has integrated new technology with state-of-the-art electronics in measurement and testing.  Our new Intelli-Sense Modular Instrumentation package is now being supplied on final finish test stations.

The rugged system is designed to operate at super-duty levels throughout a broad range of operating conditions, including dust, liquid exposure, and very wide temperature ranges.  There are no moving parts and energy consumption is low. The industrially-hardened package provides high accuracy and precision at sub-millisecond speeds over a large range of channels and signals to deliver unprecedented measurement information and multiprocessing capabilities. 

Click here for Intelli-Sense Modular Instrumentation brochure.  

The intelligence built into the unit enables enhanced pattern analysis of raw data being received from the sensors while operating at high speeds.  Designed with quick maintenance and high reliability in mind, the packaging is compact, easily installed, and simple to troubleshoot.  This new measurement and analysis system enhances the overall capabilities and positions the equipment to support a future platform of advanced functions for tire uniformity and tire dynamic balancer testing equipment.

Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, LLC is the leading global provider of measurement and inspection systems and aftermarket services for the tire and automotive industries.  For both passenger car and medium truck radial tires, Micro-Poise continues to provide a complete line of uniformity machines, dynamic balancers, geometry measurement systems and x-ray systems with automatic defect recognition.


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