Micro-Poise delivers full MTMS with automatic Rim Changers

September 18, 2012

Micro-Poise’s Modular Tire Measurement Systems (MTMS) combine uniformity tests, dynamic balance tests and geometry measurements into a single in-line final finish inspection system.

AkroDYNE Automatic Rim Changer ASTEC PLUS Automatic Rim Changer

Further automating the MTMS are the ASTEC® PLUS uniformity machine Automatic Rim Changer (ASTEC PLUS ARC) and the AkroDYNE® Dynamic Balance machine Automatic Rim Changer (AkroDYNE ARC).

Each ARC is designed for quick and efficient rim changes.  There is no operator lifting required.  Both store multiple sets of rims, maximizing the tire manufacturers flexibility when routing tires to the final finish test and measurement area.

Each automatic rim changer is specifically designed for its associated test machine.  The ASTEC PLUS Automatic Rim Changer manages all setup and rim exchanges for the uniformity machinery.  The AkroDYNE Automatic Rim Changer manages all setup and rim/adapter changes for the associated dynamic balancer machine.

Both rim changing systems are triggered by the tire related incoming information to the associated testing machine and operate directly with that machine to perform a complete rim change.

Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, LLC is the leading global provider of measurement and inspection systems and aftermarket services for the tire and automotive industries.  For both passenger car and medium truck radial tires, Micro-Poise continues to provide a complete line of uniformity machines, dynamic balancers, geometry measurement systems and x-ray systems with automatic defect recognition.


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