Micro-Poise announces AkroMARK PLUS with Orientation

September 18, 2012

AkroMARK PLUS is Micro-Poise’s premier hot stamp marking system. Introduced in 2010, it employs a patented marking head assembly that is easy to install and maintain. Tape cartridges are designed for quick tape replacement on the production floor. The marking system can be configured for up to four different color cartridges and up to six uniquely shaped marking pins.  It can be programmed for 2 x 1 Matrix marks. That gives the tire manufacturer the flexibility of more than 600 unique marking combinations.

Today, AkroMARK PLUS with Orientation is now available. This is a full marking system capable of operating at the end of a Modular Tire Measurement System (MTMS) or as a standalone marking station.

AkroMARK PLUS with Orientation is capable of marking both the top and bottom sidewall of a tire at unique positions along the sidewall. The orientation feature rotates the tire to a unique position along the sidewall based on the test results received from a uniformity machine and/or dynamic balance machine. By enabling tire orientation in conjunction with hot stamp marking, a tire manufacturer can consolidate the tire marking requirements to one marking system. Instead of maintaining different marking systems after each test, AkroMARK PLUS with Orientation can be used to consolidate all tire marking requirements into a single station.

Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, LLC is the leading global provider of measurement and inspection systems and aftermarket services for the tire and automotive industries.  For both passenger car and medium truck radial tires, Micro-Poise continues to provide a complete line of uniformity machines, dynamic balancers, geometry measurement systems and x-ray systems with automatic defect recognition.


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