When was the last time your Calibration Master was inspected and re-certified with Micro-Poise?

August 15, 2013

Can a tire’s life expectancy be reduced by more than 70% if improperly aligned?

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A Calibration Master is a precision measuring tool used to calibrate your testing machinery. It requires cleaning and inspection by a Micro-Poise Quality Engineer on a regular basis. Only a certified Cal-Master should be used to ensure Dyne 10 (accuracy) and Dyne 20 (repeatability) calibration test results.

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Micro-Poise now labels every Cal-Master with it’s recertification date, for your convenience.  If you are unable to locate your recertification certificate, Micro-Poise can advise you of the expiration date or send you a new copy for your quality records and planning schedule.

Contact a Micro-Poise representative today or email micropoise.csdsales@ametek.com for your Return Authorization Number (RMA) and have your Cal-Master recertified today.

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Tire Trivia Answer: Yes - Signs of incorrect tire alignment include vibration, shimmy or the car pulls to one side when driven at highway speeds. In some extreme cases, a new set of tires can be completely worn out in a weekend trip. http://www.tire-information-world.com/alignment.html
ALIGNMENT of tires and Recertification of your Calibration Master Assembly is extremely important in properly maintaining equipment and prolonging the life expectancy of both.