Urgent Reminder of Thales X-Ray Diode Line Obsolescence

November 19, 2010

Thank you for your ongoing support of your Collmann X-Ray machinery. Collmann provides the most capable X-Ray inspection systems in the marketplace.

In 2007 we received notification from the Thales Company that the product line of linear diode arrays and C-Shape detectors would be discontinued. As a result the next generation of detectors was developed and introduced to the market by Collmann. Please contact us today for information about our newest diode arrays and detectors.

We strongly recommend that you upgrade to these new arrays and detectors immediately.  This could avoid unplanned and costly machine downtime. Benefits of upgrading include cycle time improvements, image quality improvements-a key to your Automatic Defect Recognition needs, elimination of up to three computers and reduced risk of extended machine downtime.

Upgrade options are available by Collmann to replace or upgrade the Thales product lines. These upgrades include software and new frame grabber electronics -  the legacy equipment for such is also obsolete.

Please contact your local Collmann Sales Representative or Collmann Customer Service Division Representative today.

Best Regards,

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