Upgrade today to Windows® 7- Micro-Poise Final Finish Machinery

October 31, 2014

Click here to find out what machines are available for the Windows® 7 upgrade kit.  Upgrade your Uniformity, Dynamic Balance and Geometry machine controllers to Windows® 7 software for better performance, improved security and return on your investment.

点击这里了解可升级为Windows® 7的机器设备。将您的均匀性、动平衡和外观检测设备控制器升级为Windows® 7将获得更好的性能,更高的设备安全性和投资回报率。

The Windows® 7 upgrade will improve machine controller productivity with quicker start-up time and protect from increased costs by providing security and support from Microsoft®. Contact a Micro-Poise sales representative today for details or email micropoise.csdsales@ametek.com. 

升级为Windows® 7,设备启动时间更快,同时避免了Microsoft®安全和支持带来的成本增加,从而提高设备控制器产能。 马上联系 Micro-Poise销售代表了解更多信息,或发送邮件至micropoise.csdsales@ametek.com 咨询相关事宜。

* Windows® operating system is a registered trademark of Microsoft® Corporation.