Take The Tire Uniformity Cycle Time Challenge

May 26, 2010

Take The Tire Uniformity Cycle Time Challenge

Your final finish tire testing capacity is directly dependent on the cycle time, availability, and reliability of your equipment. We are committed to improving your machine cycle times while retaining or increasing the reliability of your test equipment. In fact, we are so confident that we can improve the cycle time of your Micro-Poise Akron Standard Uniformity machine, that we are willing risk our service fee!

Order one full day of service for each machine you would like to challenge. If we are unable to improve the machine’s cycle time, we will not invoice you for the service call.  Click here to see an actual customer case study that increases the customers testing capacity by 16.2%

How it works…

  • Our experienced service technicians will first meet with you and agree on a base line cycle time for the machine, using a preselected tire size and test conditions.
  • We will spend up to one day (ten hours) servicing your machine and we will identify mechanical, electrical and programming cycle time improvement opportunities.
  • We will make any changes or improvements that can be made during the service call.
  • At the end of the day we will re-evaluate the machine as compared with the base line and document cycle time improvement.
  • If the cycle time challenge has been met, Micro-Poise will invoice for the service call. If a cycle time improvement is not made, you will not be charged.
  • If available, we will identify further opportunities to improve the machine’s cycle time, repeatability, or reliability.
  • This is a Win-Win for everyone- either gain additional machine capacity from cycle time improvements or pay nothing.

See Brochure for Tire Uniformity Challenge Terms and Conditions:

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