Repair Or Replace Your Spindle Assembly Today With Micro-Poise

May 2, 2013

 Which U.S. coin is recommended 
 to be used for checking tire tread?

  (See answer at the end of this email)

Purchase a new spindle assembly today. Micro-Poise minimizes downtime and quickly gets you back into production by having replacement kits readily available. This saves you time and money by purchasing a new pre-assembled spindle assembly complete with bearings that will be shipped directly to you. Once the kit arrives in your plant, simply replace your old unit with the new spindle assembly or arrange for one of our qualified service technicians to install it for you.

Why repair your existing assembly? If you have time and flexibility, send in your existing assembly and we will inspect, rework and or replace only the necessary items to have you operating within specifications.

Contact a Micro-Poise sales representative today for details or email

Tire Trivia Answer: Insert a penny, Abraham Lincoln’s head first, into one of the grooves on the tire. If the tread of the tire partially covers Abe’s head the tread is fine. If all of Abe’s head is visible your tire needs to be replaced. If 1/16 (2mm) of an inch or less tread is all that is left on a tire, the tire should be replaced.

Dreaded “downtime for lengthy repairs is not “SMALL CHANGE”.