Plan to Visit Micro-Poise at Tire Technology Expo 2014

December 5, 2013

Make your plans now to visit with Micro-Poise at Booth 3020 at the Cologne Messe in Cologne, Germany for Tire Technology Expo 2014. The conference begins on Tuesday, February 11th and continues through February 13th, 2014. It is the world’s biggest celebration of tire excellence.

恭请您参加2014年德国科隆轮胎科技展, 全球轮胎行业最大的盛会,请光临科隆展览馆麦波思(Micro-Poise)展台3020展位。展会从2014年2月11号周二到2月13号。

Micro-Poise's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Shaun Immel, will be presenting two papers at the conference. The first presentation is titled "Making today's tire manufacturing final finish operations better". This presentation will highlight the benefits of optimizing final finish and provide helpful recommendations. The second presentation is titled "Tire X-Ray Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR)- a buyers guide". This presentation will highlight how ADR can provide maximum value to the tire manufacture. For both presentations, please find the room locations, dates and specific times through the Tire Technology Expo 2014 Conference preview.  

麦波思(Micro-Poise)首席技术总监,Shaun Immel博士,将在会议中演讲两项科技议题,第一项演讲为“如何优化当今轮胎制造的终端工序”,此项议题将突出最优化终端工艺的益处以及提供非常有价值的建议。第二项演讲为“X光轮胎缺陷自动识别技术(ADR) – 购买者指南”,此项议题将突出自动缺陷识别技术(ADR)如何为轮胎制造商提供最大价值。请查看2014轮胎科技展--会议预览表来查找此两项演讲的时间日期及会议室位置。

Plan to discuss with our industry experts the most recent tire innovations in the Next Generation of Modular Tire Measurement Systems, Uniformity Testing, Dynamic Balancers, Geometry Measurement and X-Ray machinery. An ADR demonstration will be provided. Our Geometry experts will be discussing new techniques in Geometry Measurement.


Visit with our Aftermarket specialists and discuss the latest products that can help maximize the life of your equipment.   


We look forward to meeting you in Cologne. Discover why The World is Turning to Micro-Poise for all their Final Finish Tire Testing needs.


Please remember to sign up for the conference through Tire Technology Expo by clicking here.  


Best Regards,

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