Micro-Poise is Your Industry Leader in Tire Marking Solutions

October 11, 2010

Micro-Poise is Your Industry Leader in Tire Marking Solutions

Contact Micro-Poise for:

  • Marking system upgrades for Ink and Heat Transfer systems.
  • Marking system retrofits.
  • Internal marking or external marking stations.
  • Multi color, multi pin systems.
  • Spare parts and service.
  • Ink and Tape.

Ink markers are one of the leading marking systems for tire testing machinery in the industry. Micro-Poise marker Ink is the only ink recommended for use on our ink marking systems. Our Ink is fast drying and ensures consistent, quality marks.

Save Even More When you Purchase your Marking Ink from Micro-Poise

  • Prices for ground shipments have been reduced by 35%.
  • Hazmat boxing charges for air shipments have been eliminated.

Part                                  Description

55-19836-INTL                   Yellow Marking Ink-QT

55-19837-INTL                   White Marking Ink-QT

55-19838-1-INTL                Light Red Marking Ink-QT

55-19838-INTL                   Red Marking Ink-QT

55-19839-INTL                   Light Blue Marking Ink-QT

55-19840-INTL                   Green Marking Ink-QT


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For more information, please contact:

Jake Esola
Sales Specialist
555 Mondial Parkway
Streetsboro, Ohio 44241-4510
Phone: 1-330-541-9100
Fax: 1-330-541-9111