Micro-Poise Offers a "Do-It-Yourself" Isolation Pad Kit

November 14, 2013

Is a Road Alligator an alligator that is lying by the road side, after being hit by a car/truck?

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Click here to find out more information on Micro-Poise's "Do-It-Yourself" Isolation Pad Installation Kit. When installing a new precision testing machine or an existing machine proper site preparation is needed to optimize the final finish process and protect machine return on investment. Isolation Pad Kits are available for ASTEC® Tire Uniformity, AIT, ATW and VTW Dyanmic Balance machines.

The Isolation Pad Installation Kit instructs on how to properly prepare the machine installation site through detailed instructions and drawings. The Isolation Pad Kit also provides supplies that are needed for installation. This can reassure the quality of the test and measurement results with the proper materials and procedures.

Contact a Micro-Poise sales representative today for more details by emailing micropoise.csdsales@ametek.com.

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Tire Trivia Answer: No – Road alligator is a strip of tire carcass which has exploded and is left lying on the highway. http://www.tire-information-world.com/tire-trivia.html#chitika_close_button
FOOTNOTE: Site preparation is essential in the proper installation of ASTEC®, AIT, ATW and VTW machinery. Don’t let your machine be left improperly installed.