Let Micro-Poise Test Your Tires

May 11, 2010

Let Micro-Poise Test Your Tires

If you have a surplus of tires that require testing or a new tire testing project, but lack available production testing capacity, contact Micro-Poise Measurement Systems.

For tire manufacturers addressing a tire quality issue or a tire recall and requiring Uniformity, Dynamic Balance or Geometry testing capabilities, Micro-Poise can provide the testing environment.

Micro-Poise Measurement Systems can assist your manufacturing operation with your final finish testing needs. By providing independent tire testing services and by testing tires at our controlled facility in Ohio, USA, you can avoid costly bottlenecks at your production plant.

Testing Capabilities:

  • Tire Uniformity Testing
  • Geometry Inspection - bulge, depression, lateral and radial runout
  • Dynamic Balance Testing - static and couple imbalance

For more information regarding Micro-Poise testing your tires, please contact:

Jake Esola
Sales Specialist 
555 Mondial Parkway 
Streetsboro, Ohio 44241-4510 
Phone: +1-330-541-9100
Fax: +1-330-541-9111