Highlighting Micro-Poise Hot Stamp Marker Kit

February 6, 2012

Click here to view the brochure on the Two-Pin, Dual Drive, Hot Stamp Marker Kit.

A Two-Pin, Dual Drive, Hot Stamp Marker is available in kit form and is easily retrofitted to all Micro-Poise tire testing machines. This marker is available for Models D90, FD90, AIT, AkroDYNE® and ASTEC® Tire Testing Machinery. The marker is designed to be compact for use within the machinery frame and efficient in its use of marking foil. It features an automatically controlled heated pin used to transfer pigment from a tape to the tire sidewall.

The kit includes the pre-assembled marker unit, mounting brackets, actuator cylinders, adjuster locks, spare cassette with marking foil, temperature control box with mounting bracket and cable, electrical box with test actuation switches, pneumatic components with mounting bracket and installation instructions provided.

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