Highlighting the Enhanced Modular Tire Measurement System (MTMS)

November 26, 2014

Click here to find out more on Micro-Poise's Enhanced Modular Tire Measurement System (MTMS). This system combines uniformity, dynamic balance and geometry testing into a single final finish inspection system. This enhanced system will provide tire manufacturers with unsurpassed value in tire testing measurement.

点击这里了解更多Micro-Poise加强型模块化轮胎检测系统(MTMS )的信息。该系统是由均匀性、动平衡和几何外观检测组成的三合一终检系统。该最新系统将在轮胎测试测量方面为轮胎制造业提供无与伦比的价值。

The Enhanced MTMS includes the Automatic Rim Changer (ARC) capabilities for both the ASTEC® PLUS uniformity  and the AkroDYNE® dynamic balance systems and an AkroMARK PLUS™ mark station with orient capabilities for upper and lower marking.

加强型MTMS还包含 ASTEC® PLUS均匀性设备和AkroDYNE® 动平衡系统的轮辋自动更换装置,以及上下打标角度可调的AkroMARK PLUS™打标站。

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