Highlighting AkroDYNE Automatic Rim Changer

June 27, 2013

View the AkroDYNE® Automatic Rim Changer (ARC) brochure to find out how tooling changes are performed in a quick and efficient manner. The AkroDYNE® ARC is specifically designed for use with the AkroDYNE® Dynamic Balance System. The AkroDYNE ARC manages all setup and rim changes for the Dynamic Balancer machine.  

The AkroDYNE ARC stores multiple sets of rims, maximizing the tire manufactures flexibility when routing tires to the final finish test and measurement area. The AkroDYNE ARC is capable of both automatic tooling changes, driven by information from the AkroDYNE, and operator assisted tooling changes, managed through the AkroDYNE operator’s pendant.

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