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October 10, 2013

What is the NASCAR tire footprint (rubber touching the ground) for all four tires at one time?

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Click here for ASTEC Transport Dollies solution to control movement of the ASTEC equipment to a desired location within a customer’s facility.  When overhead clearance, permanent plant structure’s or limited over head crane availability is a challenge, the ASTEC Transport Dollies are a perfect resolution.

ASTEC Transport Dollies help preserve floor space and protect against tread surface abrasion. Contact a Micro-Poise sales representative today for more details by emailing micropoise.csdsales@ametek.com.

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Tire Trivia Answer: The “footprint” of one NASCAR tire is roughly the size of a Man’s size 11 shoe and “1 square foot” for all four tires. http://www.tire-information-world.com/tire-trivia.html
Make your “foot work” easier with the ASTEC Transport Dollies.