Featuring AkroLUBE II

June 17, 2013

For Tire Uniformity and Dynamic Balance Machines

Are you always supposed to use the recommended
tire pressure
stamped on the sidewall of your tires,
for keeping tires properly inflated?

 (See answer at the end of this email)

Click here to find out why AkroLUBE II is specially developed for use with your machinery to help provide consistent test results and ensure repeatability. AkroLUBE II is specifically designed to ensure tire adapters and rims function correctly without excessive friction that can damage tooling and tires.

Protect your corporate investment by using AkroLUBE II for your tire bead lubrication.

Contact a Micro-Poise sales representative today for details or email micropoise.csdsales@ametek.com.

Tire Trivia Answer: False – This is the recommended maximum pressure to be used. To much air pressure, will cause your ride to be hard and cause excessive wear in the center of the tire tread. To little air pressure, will cause the tires to overheat, especially at high speeds, increasing your chances for a blow out. http://www.tire-information-world.com/tire-pressure.html
Don’t let friction destroy or damage your tooling prematurely. Protect your corporate investment by using only Micro-Poise AkroLUBE II for your tire bead lubrication.