Current Upgrades for TGIS-SL Geometry System

September 23, 2014

Micro-Poise provides a Geometry System upgrade for both the RadViewer Software and the HSSI Sensors.

TGIS-SL RadViewer5 SoftwareTGIS-SL with AkroSCAN Sensors

The TGIS-SL RadViewer5 Upgrade will insure measurement of a single harmonic value for harmonics 3 through 25, in addition to the existing 1st and 2nd harmonic values. The user can visualize the effect of the waveforms using the enhanced waveform graphics.

The TGIS HSSI to AkroSCAN Upgrade is perfect fit if you are currently using the HSSI sensors. You can now upgrade to the advanced TGIS-SL system with AkroSCAN sensors. The AkroSCAN sensors provide many performance enhancements. These enhancements include improved measurement range and increased system up-time resulting in greater productivity and return on investment.

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