Come to Micro-Poise for all you Aftermarket Tire and Automotive Needs

December 10, 2010

Micro-Poise has always and continues to offer a wide range of Aftermarket Products for its Tire and Automotive Tire testing customers. Now Micro-Poise is able to offer even more.

Contact Micro-Poise today and ask about our complete line of Wool Lube Roller Kits for a wide selection of tire testing equipment.

  • This kit is great when a change to your Luber Roller in necessary on any tire testing machine. It is cost effective and allows for minimum downtime with its 3 Wool Lube Rollers included in each kit.
  • It reduces the amount of Luber Rollers needed shipped due to the multiple rollers received in each kit.
  • Click Here to see the Ready To Use Lube Roller Kit brochure.

Also ask about our Replacement Belt and Drum Kits for Micro-Poise’s AIT and ATW testing machines.

  • This kit offers an ergonomic change over process that reduces downtime of the machine and helps streamline the Tire or Tire & Wheel testing process.
  • It also allows the operator to change all necessary components at one time.
  • Click Here to see the Replacement Belt and Drum Kits

For more information about the Ready To Use Lube Roller Kit or the Replacement Belt and Drum Kit, please contact: 

Chris Price
Micro-Poise Measurement Systems
555 Mondial Parkway
Streetsboro, Ohio 44241-4510
Main: +1-330-541-9100