Coll-Tech X-RAY ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition)

May 23, 2012

Automatic Defect Recognition

The Coll-Tech X-Ray ADR system is the only automatic defect recognition system capable of multiple layer tire construction recognition. The product detects, tracks, and separates each wire in any tire layer and calculates tire metrics in three dimensions.

This product can be installed to work with any tire X-Ray machinery that provides high resolution digital X-Ray images. 

COLL-TECH X-RAY ADR is highly flexibility and user friendly. Your production can benefit from this product TODAY – installation is quick and efficient.

Example of an X-RAY being analyzed by COLL-TECH X-RAY ADR:

Quick Facts:

  • Works with all digital images and needs no master tire or tire teaching.
  • Offers a calibration-less method with measurement results in mm.
  • It can separate up-to four layers of tire construction and features the real center line of the tire.
  • The product works parallel to X-Ray production testing and will not slow down your manufacturing process. 
  • An excellent tool for SPC, COLL-TECH X-RAY ADR offers periodical reports about abnormalities, classifying errors into categories and reporting the results.

For full details – Click here to view COLL-TECH X-Ray ADR brochure or contact us for more information about this product or any of our tire X-Ray solutions.