AkroLUBE II - Protect Your Investment

June 12, 2014

For Tire Uniformity and Dynamic Balance Machines


Click here to help protect your corporate investment from corrosion and rust by using AkroLUBE II.

点击这里,以获取如何利用AkroLUBE II防止设备生锈和腐蚀从而保护贵公司的设备投资。

Ensure tire adapters and rims function correctly without excessive friction that can damage tooling and tires. AkroLUBE II is specifically designed for use with final finish test machinery to help provide consistent test results, ensure repeatability,  protect tooling and achieve better lubrication while consuming less lube.

确保轮辋正确使用,避免过度摩擦而损伤轮辋和轮胎。AkroLUBE II专门为轮胎终检设备设计,可帮助设备测得稳定的数据,保证设备的重现性,达到更好的润滑效果。

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