Balancing Tires During the Final Finish

Building a car is an extremely complex and difficult process. It requires the expertise of hundreds of technicians, designers and machine operators. As more and more of the car is assembled, it is put through a series of tests to make sure each part is in proper working condition. The last and perhaps most crucial step of car construction has to do with placing the tires on the vehicle. Though it seems fairly straightforward, tire imbalances can easily occur and must be prevented before the car goes on the road. This step of the car-building process is called the final finish.

During the final finish process, several things take place. The tires are given a thorough inspection by trained professionals. Rims are placed on the tires to protect them and complete the look. Then, the weights are placed to allow the tires to move quickly and efficiently as needed by the driver. The tires are then checked using specially calibrated instruments to ensure that they are balanced. This is the most important part of the final finish process since the tires must be perfectly balanced in order to work properly.

Most companies use machinery made by special manufacturers which is made for the specific purpose of balancing tires. The machines check for several types of possible imbalances, including static imbalance, couple imbalance, upper plane imbalance and lower plane imbalance. If any of these imperfections were to occur, the car could become unsafe. It’s very important that every tire is thoroughly checked during the final finish. In addition to making sure the car is safe, properly balanced tires also last longer and are more efficient and accurate on the road.

Final finish is a critical step before in the construction process for a car. During this step, inspectors are required to give each and every tire their full attention while being inspected. Then, the specialized machinery is able to check for even the smallest errors which could lead to imbalance. Once the final finish is over, the car is sent out for testing on the road.