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A number of customer’s responded to the Oldest Machine Contest and we are pleased to announce the winners with the oldest machines:

1st   Place Winner      Built/Delivered - June 30, 1970            Machine- Model D70

2nd Place Winner      Built/Delivered - January 13, 1974       Machine- Model D70

3rd Place Winner       Built/Delivered - March 3, 1974            Machine- Model D70

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Watch closely for your next opportunity to win in one of our contests.  


 See our Micro-Poise Training Services.

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Loadwheel Reconditioning

Get the most out of your investment by reconditioning your Loadwheel to keep it in optimal condition by using these programs.

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Calibration Services

 Ensure that your machine is operating to its potential by having the Calibration Masters Certified by a Micro-Poise Quality Engineer.

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Preventive Maintenance

Take the internal strain off of your organization by utilizing one of our PPM Programs performed by our highly trained technicians. 

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