Dr. Shaun Immel, Micro-Poise Measurement Systems, LLC’s Chief Technology Officer presents at Tire Technology Expo 2010

Dr. Shaun Immel
February 9, 2010

Dr. Shaun Immel is presenting his paper titled ‘What is the true cost of production tire testing?’ during the ‘Manufacturing the new generation of tires session at Tire Technology Expo 2010.

The paper is built on the article that first appeared in Tire Technology 2009, November issue. In this article, Dr. Immel steps the reader through a financial analysis of tire testing investments over the life of those investments. The reader is shown how decisions made during the initial capital procurement of final finish testing equipment impact customer satisfaction, plant performance and long term profitability.

To receive a reprint of ‘What is the true cost of production tire testing?’ contact Mark Muroski, Marketing Manager at mark.muroski@ametek.com and request a copy of Dr. Immel’s paper.

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