Recondition Multi-Jaw Tooling for your Balance or Uniformity Machine with Micro-Poise

September 5, 2013

Is Vulcanization when Mr. Spock’s
(Star Trek) home planet of Vulcan became part of the Federation?


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Micro-Poise offers the highest quality and best priced Multi-Jaw tooling for Tire and Wheel balance and uniformity machines available in the industry. This is achieved through our patented designs and processes that will ensure fastest cycle time while maintain the highest level of performance.

Click here to view the three levels of reconditioning for your Mulit-Jaw Tooling. Whether it be touch-up only, intermediate reconditioning or a complete rebuild our tooling cleaners are specifically designed to ensure your Micro-Poise tooling functions correctly and preserves the functionality of your equipment while protecting your investment.

Micro-Poise recommends a level three rebuild once every two years, after one million cycles or as needed.

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Tire Trivia Answer: No - In 1944 Charles Goodyear invented the process of “vulcanization”, a chemical process for converting rubber into a more durable material by the addition of sulfur. Goodyear’s invention became the basis of the manufacture of cured rubber tires and is still used today.
Cost, service, dependability, and knowledge makes Micro-Poise the best investment in tooling. We will continue to be honest, fair, and reliable for all of your future needs.