Coll-Tech X-Ray (ADR) Automatic Defect Recognition

November 20, 2014
X-Ray ADR Image of a Foreign Object

Click here to view the white paper on Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) from Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Shaun Immel. Enhance your overall reliability and quality assurance today.

The Coll-Tech X-Ray ADR system can work with any commercially available tire X-Ray machine and can automatically detect anomalies viewed from X-Ray images on all tires and all areas of the tire. The Coll-Tech system can detect, track, and separate each wire in any tire layer and calculate the tire metrics in three dimensions. This product is capable of detecting bead disorder, off center breakers, body ply arrangements such as open or touching wires, and foreign objects.

For more information about Coll-Tech X-Ray ADR or VerTiX-PLUS please contact a Micro-Poise Sales Representative today.

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