[Balance] Units of Measure for Correction - Couple Imbalance (or Unbalance!) Units

Correction Couple ImbalanceCouple Imbalance (or Unbalance!) Units

Scientific Units:

  • cgs: gram centimeter²(g•cm ²)
  • SAE, AIAG: kilogram millimeter²(kg•mm²)
  • English: ounce inch²(oz•in²)

Auto Industry Units:

  • Grams (or Ounces) at the correction radius in the correction plane37

Example: 56 oz•in² couple imbalance If r = 8 in and w = 7 in  The imbalance would be expressed as “2 oz imbalance” applied at correction radius, in the correction plane, with one half the weight (1 oz) in each plane.